Wirrly Works in India

I found this image on the website of my former employer Ajaya Kashyap.
The MedSpa

check out the artwork in the the upper right hand corner of this picture. Thats my painting!
So, Dr. Kashyap sold his practice and moved to India in ’05 and I had always figured he left everything to the new guy. I had inquired about my painting when I heard he was moving but I didn’t get an answer. So all this time I wondered what happened to it; thinking that maybe it had been resold or even discarded…
Now I know, its in his new office in New Delhi India. Kinda cool.
This is the largest I could get this picture to be… so tell me what you think:
Just to the left of the painting, is that a window or a door that will swing open into it? hoping its a window…

For anyone curious; the painting is titled “View from Mt. Monadnock” measures 2′ x 4′ executed in oil on panel in 1997. I still have the charcoal prep drawing I did for it, framed and hanging in my home.