Jeff Warmouth, J Stuart Esty and Ian Hickey, Pecha Kucha Presenters

{Image © Jeff Warmouth}

Presenter Jeff Warmouth


Jeffu Warmouth is a photo-based contemporary artist who has managed to make a career out of playing with his food. His work incorporates photography, video, objects, and installations, and uses jokes and comic twists to subvert logic, language, identity, and culture.

Jeffu has exhibited in alternative spaces and museums, including the DeCordova Museum, the Boston Center for the Arts, and Art Interactive in Cambridge. His award-winning film/video work has screened in festivals internationally. He received his MFA from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and heads the Interactive Multimedia program at Fitchburg State College.

Presenter J. Stuart Esty

Owner of Dr Gonzo’s Uncommon Condiments, J Stuart Esty is passionate about community and jalepenos. His creative and “uncommon” ways of getting his message out through social media certainly attracts attention! Read on…


What led this inventor of the (seen on TV) “Jiffy Home Lobotomy Kit”: just insert the stainless steel icepick behind your ear and stir in a circular motion until all your problems and worries disappear…, proud founder of Spruce Up Yours Landscaping International LLC, this high powered Washington lobbyist, tirelessly fighting for our rights to carry concealed Kazoos, this former lead accordion player of a Maraca Rock and Roll Revue (until he was exiled from Columbia after an alleged affair with Juan Valdez’s burro), to dabble in the world of spicy comestibles? Maybe we’ll never know the reason for his shift in focus. All we can hope for is that he will continue to weave delicate textures, tastes and heat profiles in an effort to liberate us all from a world burdened by Bland.

Now, contrary to popular opinion, this iteration of Dr. GONZO is not (and never has been) a 300lb Samoan attorney. He is (and will continue to be) the traveling professor of Advanced Mixology and Arcane Aviation Physics at Hardknock University. Home of the Fighting Black and Blue Humping Lumper Marching Band; that not only carries the instruments in tight formation across the rugby pitch, they also carry the people that play the instruments in tight formation across the rugby pitch, and the (oh, so hard to get on) Intramural Cross Country Pruning Shear Relay Team, where we take running with scissors to the next level…

Stay tuned to YouTube’s DrGonzosCondiments channel for behind the scenes footage of Dr. GONZO’s ‘Secret’ Underground lab, Xtreme Grilling Team and early failed high volume production experiments of our “World Famous” Peppermash. Yes, sometimes the best humor involves the failings of another so, have a giggle at our expense.

J. Stuart Esty can be found loitering in and or around Dr. GONZO’s All Natural MEGA Spicy Comestible EMPORIUM at 122 Main St. (located in the heart of the hysterical courthouse district) in Worcester, MA (the cultural Mecca of Central Mass).

Presenter Ian Hickey

Chef Ian Hickey is presenting on Creative Processes of Cooking, He continually challenges himself to create a tilt on modern American Cuisine. I recently had the opportunity to hear his thoughts on this topic and was fascinated by the process behind building a menu and the challenges in balancing innovation with accessibility. I can’t wait to hear more about the art that goes into cooking!

Join us on Sept 13th 2009 at 55 Pearl Worcester Ma doors open at 7:20.
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