Flaming snowflakes?!

This weeks studio project is a bit crafty; as I am making decorations for ArtsWorcester’s event on Friday.
I was presented with a box full of cardstock, glue, stickers and hole punches then asked to come up with an idea for auction paddles. The theme of the event is “Fire and Ice” A Hot Sale on a Cool Night.
Well to me the idea of making flames w/ snowflakes and flaming snowflakes fit perfectly! Although I am a painter not a crafter I was still compelled to try my hand at this project; which I thought would give a little “flare” to the usual decor.
That and of course there’s a principle here. ArtsWorcester is an ARTS organization with a resource of about 400 artists so we should be able to pull together something a little creative for our Once a year Fundraiser, right?
so here i am cutting and pasting; taking much more time with the project than I probably should. I have 7 mostly done and 4 more to go.
I will post a couple pictures in a little while.

heres two:
I started off doing the “cutesie” look and ended up making the later ones more elaborate.