Undercover restorers fix Paris landmark’s clock

Paris Pantheon
They let themselves get locked in
Set up a studio underneath the dome- planks of wood, table, chairs, tools all snuck in from a side entrance after picking a lock. They even set up a computer and internet service up there.


An antique clock is restored
Officials press charges but these “cultural guerilla’s” are cleared of any wrong doing
The Administer of the building loses his job.

Cant imagine what would have happened to these guys if homeland security caught them in this country. Probably would have been reminiscent of the Cartoon Network fiasco in Boston.

“For a year from September 2005, under the nose of the Panthéon’s unsuspecting security officials, a group of intrepid “illegal restorers” set up a secret workshop and lounge in a cavity under the building’s famous dome. Under the supervision of group member Jean-Baptiste Viot, a professional clockmaker, they pieced apart and repaired the antique clock that had been left to rust in the building since the 1960s. Only when their clandestine revamp of the elaborate timepiece had been completed did they reveal themselves.”

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