Heartfelt gesture…in honor of my friends

I introduced new prints last night at my studio, surrounded by my closest friends supporters and collectors. Despite the pouring rain, it proved to be a perfect evening for creative talk about projects, processes, marketing and inspiration. I am grateful to everyone for their kind support that has left me feeling excited and motivated about future projects. These vital, talented and creative people have inspired me to share the story of this painting with a broader audience.

The story of Atmosphere #1, #2 and #3

There are three paintings from the beginning of my art career that mean more to me than I can express. They were the start of what would turn into an ongoing exploration of mood and light through the expression of paint. They also kicked off my interest in alternative formats, circles, triangles, and arches. Architecture incorporated into an art piece that is beyond a canvas in a frame.
These three paintings remind of where I came from, where inspiration was born, what my ideals are, what I can be capable of… For these reasons they are permanently in “the Artists Collection”. Since the day they were completed I’ve had to continually turn down offers to purchase the works because I will not part with them.

Atmosphere #2 is the first of these three works to be made into a museum quality giclee print. The first edition run is valued at $60 each; I launched them at a special price of $45 available at the event only. But I was so touched by the warmth and support of those who attended my opening (some of whom traveled in the pouring rain from across Ma and RI) that I have decided to extend the launching price.

Please contact me by email before the end of April to take advantage of this extended offer.

I am very excited to share my love of this painting and would be pleased for it to have a place in your home as well as mine.



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