I was accepted into the Martha’s Vineyard Art Association and will be displaying my artwork at the MVAA’s Old Sculpin Gallery this year. Through out the 2015 season I will have up to 2 works viewable in the Member’s Gallery. Additionally I will have 3 exhibition weeks occurring in June and August, with 12-20 new paintings on display. The new works are inspired by Martha’s Vineyard landscapes, sunsets and moon-rises.  Pictured above is a detail of Lighthouse Beach at Sunset. 

Old Sculpin Gallery is located at 58 Dock Street, Edgartown, MA. ( Across from the Chappy Ferry!) Join the June 14th event here: New Members Reception

Woehrle Paintings on Etsy

Original artwork by Cynthia Woehrle is for sale directly from the artist via the Etsy Shop WoehrlePaintings.
This shop is currently featuring site specific landscapes of Massachusetts and Virginia, subjects range from mountains to beaches and sunsets to moon-rises.
All major credit cards are accepted and artworks ship across the US.

Day 5: Thick Atmosphere

The theme for day 5 of the 3/5 challenge is thick atmosphere, because it is my favorite subject.
Atmosphere III, oil on wood, NFS, Cynthia Woehrle ©2015

The Oracle in Rapture, oil on panel, $1200, 2012, Cynthia Woehrle ©2015

Atmosphere Study (detail), oil on wood, Cynthia Woehrle ©2015 (held in private collection)

Day 4: Nostalgia

Today’s theme for the 3/5 challenge (post 3 paintings a day for 5 days) is nostalgia.
Birch at the Quabbin, oil on panel, $2500, 2013, Cynthia Woehrle ©2015

Venerated Journey, oil on panel, $750, 2012, Cynthia Woehrle ©2015

Turning to Go (detail), oil on panel, 2011, Cynthia Woehrle ©2015

Day 3, Moons

Tarot Moon, oil on panel 2011 ©Cynthia Woehrle

Super Moon over Dune, oil on panel 2014 © Cynthia Woehrle

Waning Moon Waxing Eternity (detail) oil on panel 2012 ©Cynthia Woehrle

Day 3 of the 3/5 painting challenge (post 3 paintings a day for 5 days). Here is a sample of some moon paintings. This has been a theme in my work since 2010, when I was invited to paint the moon inspired by the symbolism of the Tarot card.

Day 2, Color Fields

Today day is day 2 of the 3/5 artist challenge, post 3 artworks a day for 5 days. This challenge was given to me by Martha’s Vineyard and Ohio artist Marybeth Thompson Dowlin. 
The theme for day 2: color fields. 
Atmosphere 1
Thinking of Summer 

Day 1, Rain and Fog

An artist friend from the Martha’s Vineyard Art Association challenged me to post 3 paintings a day for the next 5 days. Today is day one and the theme is Rain and Fog, because, yes, it’s raining and foggy here in Massachusetts, so what other theme would I need! Each of these works are oil on panel and range in size from 12″ x 12″ to 3 x 2.5′.

Going Home Mass Pike
 Atmosphere Study
Passing Rain, Summer