April is Open Studio Month in Worcester

April is Open Studio Month in Worcester Ma…..at least unofficially. There are several artists all planning to open there doors to the public during the month of April.
Heres a run down of whats happening

April 3rd 3pm-7pm Brian Burris
Studio Open House


” ArtsWorcester occasionally sponsors studio open houses of their member’s studios, as an opportunity to
not only see a collection of the artist’s works, but to meet the artist in their creative element. Hors d’oeuvres and wine will be served, although if wine is not to your liking, you’re welcome to bring what you will. It is very informal.
I name everything, the privilege given Adam has a special draw. This showing named Unrepentant, in part from the title of one of my recent works–Portrait of the Devil Unrepentant. There will be three or four new works
not previously shown on display for the event.
My door will open at 3 pm and we’ll wrap at 7. Look forward to seeing everyone, if anyone shows up…
otherwise, I’ll at least get lost in another Bacchanalian painting session.”
I always found
MapQuest to be great for street maps, if you need directions to find 75 Webster St. The studio is at 75 Webster St/6 Jacques St (It’s an old industrial building, takes up the entire city block).
If you are looking at 75 Webster from the front, Jacques St is on the right of the building. As soon as you turn onto Jacques, park–there’s a loading dock right there, above the door, a sign–6 Jacques.
Go in that door, follow the hall to the stairs, past the humming transformers, go up to the second floor, go left after you go through the heavy iron-clad fire door, left again down the hall: the door for my studio is 3rd
down on the right, marked ‘BURRISworks’.

April 17th 5pm-8pm Jonathan Lucas

75 Webs


Studio of Jonathan Lucas

75 Webster Street 3rd floor
Worcester MA

Art Show!

There will be numerous sculptural/photographic works on display — including my latest piece, which has been two years in the making. Most of the works are large-scale.

Rose Russell will also have her photographic studio open to the public.

All are welcome! Bring friends!
There will be free food, drink, and merriment to be had!
Located on the 3rd floor of 75 Webster Street, the studios are in one of Worcester’s old mill buildings. There is parking on both sides of the building and the upper-lot across the street.

April 22 5pm-8pm Cynthia Woehrle

Yup I am also having an open studio this April. I will be featuring a few new figurative paintings as well as the release of a new giclee print. I am still working out all the details but I am looking to make my prints as affordable as possible for the masses but still maintain a high standard of quality.

Unlike Brian and Jonathan my studio is not in a building open to the public, so if you are interested in attending just shoot me an email and I’ll get an invitation to you.